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CEO Today Global Awards 2024 Winner

Specialist Accounting Firm Of The Year

In the dynamic landscape of business, mastering the heart of financial management is crucial. Today, we're stepping into the world of Paula Field, the force behind Lucrum Legal Accounting™, who has dedicated her career to redefining how business owners manage and understand their finances. Transforming accounting from a task often left to the last minute into a pivotal aspect of strategic business planning, Paula's innovative approach emphasizes the importance of real-time financial oversight and planning. Through her unique programs and strategic use of technology, Lucrum Legal Accounting™ not only helps the business meet its financial objectives but also arms them against unexpected financial hurdles. 

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Pinnacle Women Insights

Top 10 Admired Women Leaders of 2024

Paula Field is a renowned name trusted by business owners and individuals for years. Paula is the Owner of Lucrum Legal Accounting, an accounting firm comprised of Certified Public Accountants for Attorneys specializing in IOLTA, profit planning, Clio and QBO consulting, daily accounting and financial reporting, complex tax planning, preparation and representation, forensic accounting, and fraud examination. She is passionate about helping attorneys and business owners utilize accounting information to help them realize more profit from their businesses. She loves working with business owners and believes that tax and accounting go hand in hand to plot the course for a profitable business. Being proactive in charting the course for the business is necessary and must be reviewed and updated frequently throughout the year.

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Living Magazine

Leading Women of 2024

The pioneering leader has been a CPA for fourteen years, but Paula’s journey started when she was helping her mother in her retail business 40 years ago. “I have found success in helping people with what is most troubling to them, and that has been my green light. Lucrum Legal Accounting has grown by delivering on what our clients find useful and what we find rewarding,” she says. “Our passion for helping business owners with their worst nightmares and freeing them from stress so they can focus on running a successful business has been our true North.”

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