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Lucrum Legal Accounting, powered by Paula Field CPA, PLLC creates powerful financial firewalls for business owners.

Lucrum Legal Accounting is the leading accounting solution for successful business owners. Lucrum also specializes in forensic accounting and complex individual tax cases. 

More Cash. Less Tax. Greater Profits.

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Forensic accounting

As A Business Owner You Need A Powerful Financial Firewall.

How certain are you that you haven’t given the IRS more money over the past three years than you were required to?

How confident are you about making really smart decisions in your business that impact the cash performance of the company?

How certain are you about joining the less that 9% of businesses that consistently operate in the lean green zone over the long-term?

Our clients are certain about all of those concerns and more.


At Lucrum Legal Accounting, we have a specialized set of accounting services for successful business owners. Our program is called Show Me The Profit®

Show Me the Profit®: A proven 3-step model that creates big cash reserves for your business, legally lowers your tax bill, and sets up a firewall to protect you from nasty financial surprises and uncertainty. Without having to read mind-numbing spreadsheets or dreading opening your banking app and seeing the balances

We provide strategic solutions to solve your business pain points and maximize your business profit.

Lucrum offers the leading strategic accounting program for successful business owners such as attorneys, real estate investors, doctors, dentists, and other professional services. Our program is a fixed-fee, total business approach that ensures you are well-organized, have unparalleled visibility into your business and ultimately achieve more profitability. 

Our Services

Our Services

Lucrum's team has over 40 years of combined experience and a dedication to challenging the status quo in all things accounting services.

They understand the differences among your businesses and have the processes, teams and technology to ensure efficiency, visibility and profitability in your business.

Fraud Examination

Small businesses account for 46% of fraud cases. The median loss is approximately 6% of gross revenues; for SMBs approximately $98,000 per incident. Our team assists you in detecting and deterring fraud.


Our team partners with your business on strategic planning to ensure you are maximizing your profits, increasing cash flows & avoiding any surprise tax bills. We help your business thrive with a winning strategy that gives you peace of mind.

Complex Individual Tax

If you had major changes in your life - maybe you got married or divorced or started your first or an additional business - your taxes will be more complicated. We specialize in complex individual returns.

Business Accounting

One of the essential services provided is consistent and detailed bookkeeping. We offer expertise in an assortment of areas beyond bookkeeping including: Cash flow management, financing, strategic planning, valuation, succession planning, new business formation, non-profit organizations and more.


When it comes to proactive tax preparation, entrepreneurs face many challenges. Paula Field CPA, PLLC works closely with your business to identify any problems, develop practical tax strategies designed to save as much income as possible, and ensure you are remaining compliant with current federal and state tax laws.

IRS Audit 

An audit representative develops the strategy used to defend the taxpayer’s position. The importance of being represented by a qualified tax professional during an IRS or State tax audit cannot be stressed enough. If you've received a letter or notice from the IRS or are involved in a tax dispute with the IRS, call us today.

Accounting and tax consultation meeting

SeanCo Roofing, LLC
Sean Carroll

Paula has done some forensic accounting work for me, and I have to say, she did an amazing job! Her attention to detail and dedication to her work was impressive. Paula really cares about her clients and went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with the results. Her professionalism and expertise in her field were evident throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Paula and her team to anyone who needs forensic accounting services. Thank you, Paula, for your excellent service and for making the entire process smooth and stress-free!

Eleven Market Research
Brandon Johnson

Paula and her team have treated me with respect and sincerity - I truly appreciate the help I’m getting my new business venture off the ground. Feels like I have a bit of a safety net as I embark on this new journey! 

Robert Walden

Thank you, Blake (Tax Manager). I sincerely appreciate you looking out for my best interests!

Marci Farr

We have been with Paula Field, CPA firm for several years now and love her and the team. We received a penalty from the IRS in October of 2022 close to $50k due to masked SS/EINs for 2020 1099s. We responded to the notice and they quickly came back and said the penalty was still being enforced. Paula and her team stepped in and prepared a very thorough response and were able to get our penalty abated. It took several months and a great deal of hard work but they fought for us and we are so very thankful to have someone looking out for our company. We highly recommend her and her team for accounting and tax needs.

Some of The Clients We're Proud To Serve

Lenahan Law
Peak Sports
Andrea Korn Attorney
Bowditch and Associates
Sachse Law
Sachse Law
Ohye Law
Lovejoy HVAC
Law Office of Stephanie K Gilmore
Hunnicutt Law Group
Southwest Gallery

Ready To Create A Powerful Financial Firewall For Your Business?

We have the winning tax and accounting strategies for you. We're ready to help you make the most of your tax and accounting on what matters most to you. 

Fraud Examination and consultation call

Lucrum Legal Accounting®

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Allen, TX 75002


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