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Forensic accounting, fraud examination, Clio and QBO consulting, IOLTA account management.

Why Choose Lucrum

Everyone on the Lucrum team has a desire to make it better. What is “it?"  Everything. The client interactions, the collection of information, the estimation of taxes, the delivery and they all have the client first mentality.

Continual Innovation & Emphasis on Strategic Technology Utilization

Lucrum is dedicated to remaining innovative. The team has a full tech stack that allows them to be far more efficient and insightful than the average CPA firm. This technology not only gives her team insight and visibility but it also provides insight and visibility for the clients. “They are paying us to do a job, so they need to see that it’s getting done,” owner, Paula Field says. “We use technology to benefit the client, to benefit the workflow, to benefit the employees, and to benefit the business. We embrace it and take full advantage.”

A Life-Long Background In Business Operations, Ownership & Accounting

Paula Field is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Texas who is passionate about serving the accounting needs of her clients. She began her career in business working alongside her mother in the family’s first Hallmark store, which opened in 1982. As they grew the business from one store to seven during the next 20 years, Paula discovered her interest and passion for accounting and for serving clients. After they closed the stores, Paula decided to make her love of accounting official! 

Through her experiences in her family business, Paula learned first-hand about the trials and tribulations of the small business owner and can easily translate her experiences into helpful assistance to her clients. Paula provides services in all the areas of accounting including tax preparation and filing, tax resolution services, consulting, bookkeeping, financial planning, forensics and fraud investigation.

Unwavering Client Dedication
& Commitment

Over the past 17 years, Paula has been devoted to providing world-class professional service to each and every client. She says: “I believe the road to success is achieved through well-thought-out planning, acting with the highest level of integrity, and offering professional and reliable service through consistent effort.”

Paula ensures that the client experience remains their top priority. “Tools like Karbon have allowed us to serve more clients and be more efficient, while still improving the product that we provide to them,” she says.


“I always come back to the numbers, but at the same time, I love people. I love helping their businesses and the relationships that come with that.”

This book focuses on how attorneys can scale their business and reach a greater level of financial success. The author explains the key differences between cash flow and profit and provides actionable tips on better managing your assets. Most prominently, she offers firsthand insights on how to grow your law firm quicker and set the proper pricing for your growth goals. In this book, you'll find tips on minimizing risks, protecting your business assets, and how you can plan your legacy. You'll also discover the Show Me the Profit Framework that will allow our law firm to experience authentic prosperity.

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