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Certified Fraud Examination

Paula Field, owner of Lucrum, is a leading Certified Fraud Examiner in the state of Texas. A CFE is a professional specifically trained in the detection and deterrence of a wide variety of white-collar crimes including occupational fraud and abuse and misappropriation of assets. Certified fraud examiners detect fraud and improve organizations' financial health. These professionals often work with law enforcement and may offer legal testimony against fraud criminals.

28% of all reported  defrauded companies have less than 100 employees

A typical fraud case typically lasts 12 months before any detection.

The Average Loss suffered   was an average of 5% of their annual revenue

42% of those frauds resulted from a lack of internal controls

29% are perpetrated by an owner/executive, or a highly trusted employee.

Organizations with the fewest employees had highest median losses.

Industries with highest median loss:

• Real Estate
• Wholesale Trade
• Transportation & Warehousing
• Utilities

5% of lost revenue to workplace fraud each year

CFE's estimate that organizations lose 5% of their revenue to fraud each year.

Nearly half of all fraud came from these departments:

• Operations
• Accounting 
• Executive/Upper Management
• Sales

The main categories of workplace fraud:

• Asset Misappropriation
• Corruption
• Financial Statement Fraud

Surprised aged woman worker in glasses sit at office desk reading paper document or contra

Concerned Your Business May Be The Victim of Fraud?

If you already have suspicions, you're probably right. Find and stop the loss as soon as possible with a certified fraud examination.

Workplace Fraud Triangle
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